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1 November 1984
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I am a very busy person with no social life outside of work and my computer. I am a dog trainer, and specialize in small animals, aquatics, and reptiles. I am an otaku: one who likes anime/manga, a lot. I've seen quite a bit of anime in the last five or so years of my life. Read quite a bit as well. I also write fanfiction for some of my fav animes (Inuyasha, Prince of Tennis, and Naruto). I am currently obsessed with the Harry Potter fandom. Oh, and I'm all about the Yaoi ^__^ I mean, who isn't now a days? hehe I am obsessed with a few bands atm: KAT-TUN, Big Bang, Tokio Hotel, Dir en Grey. Who wants to sing in English any more? BORING! haha. Other than that, I have my two best friends (ren and crys) who keep me grounded and listen to me rant or just being a dork. They rock! Yep, so that is me.. in a nutshell. ^__^