houseki69 (houseki69) wrote,

Too blonde for my own good

Sometimes I worry about my hair color. But, sometimes I'm glad I have blonde hair, so it gives me an easy out when I do something silly... like I did today.

On any given week, I work 12:30 to 9:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. This week, since I'm taking my vacation, I guess the manager decided to switch my schedule around, and I of course, didn't think to look since I'm pretty much on a set schedule. I walk in at 12:30 today, and everyone is tellin' me I'm late. I was scheduled at 12. -__- ok no big, I am coming in early tomorrow anyways so that'll make that up... Now I have a class at 8 that ends at 9, but my students didn't make a move to leave right away because we were discussing the next class. By the time we agreed on what will work best for everyone, it was almost 9:20! So I rush and clock myself out, and then go about to get my things and head out. Steph comes up to me as I'm getting ready to walk out, and asks me, "Aren't you supposed to be here until 9:30?" O__O WHAT???? I run and go look at my schedule, and sure'nuf! I'm scheduled 12-930 today! WTF? So I clocked in 30 mins late and leave 10 mins early. WTF is wrong with me? I blame it on the hair  XDDD
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