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why i've been MIA

Hey guys! Sorry I've been so inactive lately. I'm so behind on LJ it's not even funny T_T I ended up getting a terrible virus on my computer, so lj would barely load for me :( I haven't been able to do much on my computer without getting terribly pissed off and threatening it of throwing it out the window... lucky for it, my windows are sealed shut cuz of the winter >_<

I've been running virus scans and dled ad-aware and it's found a lot of stuff and deleted stuff (things i'm not so sure it should've deleted to be honest >.>) but my biggest problem besides CONSTANT POP UPS and SUPER SLOW/NON LOADING WEB, was my auto-updates for Windows was not working. I couldn't even update it manually. It'd constantly shut down. So I guess I've been fighting this thing for over a week now, and last night was the first time auto-update has popped up again, so that was a relief! My anti-virus has also installed the newest version and since I restarted, all is well except the loading of LJ is stillll taking a minute... but not nearly as bad as before. So hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to catch up on LJ and maybe catch some of my friends on MSN ^_^

Hope everyone is doing well!!! Miss you!!!!
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