houseki69 (houseki69) wrote,

Why I've Been MIA

gah sorry. this week has sucked >.< Monday night after class I noticed a funny feeling in my throat, come Tuesday it got worse... by Wednesday morning I could barely talk, had a fever, and my body felt like I got hit by a semi-truck T__T Saah... so, needless to say: I'm sick. >.<

Wednesday I called into work, since I had the fever. I prolly would've fallen over if I even attempted to do anything. i slept until around 1 and then watched my new drama: Fated to Love You. This one is a Taiwan-Drama lol I like to bounce around XD This one is REALLY dramatic... but hilarious as hell >.> Odd mix eh? lol But yeah, luckily I found that right before I got sick otherwise I'd have been bored out of my mind! Thursday i was off, so that was lucky... Had to do some running but I was still completely useless as a person lol Today was my first day back to work, and during my first class I already started to go hoarse from talking! But luckily it was fine by the end of the day. I was much crabbier with the idiots today XD Just some people are serious idiots! And then I had to go shopping with my ma for clothes for my Niece's 1yr b-day tomorrow................. SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT T__T I shouldn't go anyways since I'm sick... Prolly just go for an hour and bounce to go to the Chili Cook-off downtown. >.> Friends from work invited me, and I'd be useless at the party................... lol

Anyways, hope your week has been good. My back is killing me so I'ma lay down and watch the last couple eps of FtLY before I zonk out... got classes first thing in the morning T__T Lawd, help me keep my voice tomorrow! 4 classes-3 in a row, 1 an hour after... T__T I will prolly die -___- XD

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